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November 14, 2016
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Can you believe the holidays are right around the corner? Before you know it we’ll all be swept up in a vortex of holiday dinners, parties and brunches. Fun, but not so great for fitting in to your favorite jeans – or your health. That’s why you need a game plan before the merry making begins. Try these six hacks for a healthier holiday. You’ll end up lighter, leaner and saner.


  • Start your day with a glass of 100% Orange Juice. Too much of mom’s apple pie, gravy or stuffing doesn’t just pile on the calories. These treats are also packed with saturated fat thaoj-1t can cause inflammation that harms your arteries and heart – literally within hours of eating them. A glass of 100% orange juice, like my top choice Tropicana Pure Premium 100% Orange Juice, can help. How? According to a recent study, drinking orange juice after a fatty meal can help repair the damage by reducing inflammation.
  • Toss a handful of asparagus in your omelet. After a night of too many cocktails, a cup of coffee and a couple of aspirin seems like the logical solution. But there’s a more natural cure for easing hangover misery: Asparagus. Filled with a combo of amino acids and minerals that attack a hangover, these stalks can help you feel better fast.
  • Downsize your meals (just a little). Ate too much last night? Here’s a little trick that can help you offset the damage: Simply eat a little less at every meal for the next two days. Seriously. Just trim your portion sizes by 25% for two days and you can cut up to 1,000 calories.
  • If you’ve been on a rollercoaster of nightly holiday events, pencil in one night a week to stay in. When you do, make a quick, home-cooked meal. Nothing fancy. It could be as simple as pasta with sauce from a jar – or even a peanut butter and banana sandwich on whole-wheat. In return, you’ll save hundreds of calories (not to mention loads of bloating sodium) compared to eating out or ordering in.
  • Hit the hay early. There’s a brand new reason to get more sleep. It helps you have more willpower. The reason? Too little shuteye literally makes you crave unhealthy foods according to several recent studies. Sneak in a few extra zzzs, and you’ll make smarter eating decisions the next day. You’ll feel better, too.
  • Schedule exercise strategically. Exercise is a natural stress reliever. And that can come in handy when holiday-related family tensions start to get to you. But finding the time during the holidays can be a big challenge! Squeeze in back-to-back workouts on Saturday and Sunday and you’re guaranteed at least two weekly sweat sessions to help blow off steam – and up your calorie burn at the same time.


Do you have any hacks for a healthier holiday? If you do, I’d love to hear about them!


Thanks to Tropicana for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


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