May 11, 2017

Game Changer – Sweet Potato Toast

Are you in a lunchtime rut? You’re not alone. Finding a lunch that’s quick, tasty, and good for you is no small task. Enter sweet potato toast, Instagram’s latest healthy eating darling. Whether you’re gluten free, Paleo, or simply trying to squeeze more veggies into your day, this spin on toast is a yummy meal any time of day. Plus, the topping possibilities are endless. You can go sweet with PB and pomegranate seeds, savory […]
April 11, 2017

How much protein do you need, really?

Lately it seems like everyone’s trying to load up on protein – and for good reason! Protein helps you stay full and eat less. It builds muscle, keeping you lean and boosting your metabolism (double win!) Plus it takes six times more energy to digest than carbs or fat, so you don’t pack on as many calories. What’s not to love?   So I was pretty shocked when I came across some recent statistics[1] about […]
February 3, 2017

Could your next doctor’s prescription look like this?

It’s the American way. You get sick, go to the doctor’s office and leave with a prescription for medication to make you better. But what if your doctor handed you a prescription for healthy food instead? It’s really happening. At the University of Toronto doctors are writing prescriptions (like this one) for foods to help patients lose weight, lower their blood sugar and improve their cholesterol. So, what kinds of grub are doctors prescribing? Plant-based […]